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Discover the Power of the Donaldson XLC200K: Unmatched Filtration and Efficiency

XLC200K Donaldson Air Filter Housing for Toyota VDJ200 Landcrusier 200 Series Perth Australia

Welcome to another insightful article exploring the benefits of innovative filtration products that benefit your vehicle and machinery. Today, we’ll discuss the Donaldson XLC200K that suits all Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series V8 Turbo Diesels. This game-changing filtration solution is quickly becoming a go-to choice to protect your engine from high dust environments. The XLC200K promises […]

What is Paintstop Filter Media?

Paintstop Fitler Media Perth, spray booth filters Australia, car paint filter media

Paintstop is a disposable air filter media, manufactured from bonded continuous monofilament glass fibres to create a high particulate holding wall whilst allowing low airflow resistance. The matrix of fibres in the media exhibits a progressive increase in density through the depth of the material towards the exit side of the filter but also accompanied […]

Provent 200 Buyers Guide

Provent 200 Perth, 4x4 provent crankcase ventilation Australia

You’ve probably heard people talk about a Provent 200 (Also known as a Catch-Can or Crankcase Breather), and the need to install this on your common rail engine. But what exactly is it and why should you put one on your vehicle. What is a Provent 200 Crankcase Ventilation System? In any engine, there is […]

Room Pressurisation Filter Units

Clean Room Filters, Camfil Filters, Labratory Filter units, Dust Collectors Perth

Room Pressurisation Units should be used anywhere that dust ingress is an issue, including switch rooms, plant rooms, On-site accommodation, clean rooms, control rooms, laboratories, workshops and more. Our Room Pressurisation Units have been used on MCC rooms, storage rooms, telephone exchanges, substations, control rooms, offices, to name just a few.   Protecting critical electrical […]

Air Restriction Gauges

Donaldson Air Gauge, Air FIlter Gauge Perth

We recommend the use of restriction gauges as an integral part of a preventive maintenance program. Air restriction gauges measure the amount of vacuum created when the air is pulled through the filter — measuring the build-up of dirt from a new filter’s installation throughout its useful life. Using a restriction gauge maximises filter service life and […]

Product Review – Mann & Hummel ProVent

Provent Catch Can Perth, Toyota Provent, 4wd Catch Cans Australia

There has been an emerging trend in the last few years of 4×4 owners putting crankcase ventilation filters on their vehicles, but what are the benefits of doing this, and just how hard is it to install? Why do I need a crankcase ventilation filter? The service life of diesel engines used in commercial and […]