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XLC200K Donaldson Air Filter Housing for Toyota VDJ200 Landcrusier 200 Series Perth Australia

Discover the Power of the Donaldson XLC200K: Unmatched Filtration and Efficiency

Welcome to another insightful article exploring the benefits of innovative filtration products that benefit your vehicle and machinery. Today, we’ll discuss the Donaldson XLC200K that suits all Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series V8 Turbo Diesels. This game-changing filtration solution is quickly becoming a go-to choice to protect your engine from high dust environments. The XLC200K promises to enhance performance and efficiency with its cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art technology. So let’s dive in and explore all the benefits of the XLC200K.

Unparalleled Filtration Efficiency

The XLC200K is designed with Donaldson’s proprietary Ultra-Web® nanofiber technology, which ensures superior filtration efficiency. This innovative filter media effectively captures submicron particles, delivering cleaner air and protecting your equipment from harmful contaminants. As a result, the XLC200K’s high-performance filtration system not only prolongs the life of your machinery but also contributes to more consistent and efficient operations.

XLC200K Donaldson Ultra Web Filter the best air filter for the Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser VDJ200

Extended Filter Life

One of the most notable benefits of the Donaldson XLC200K is its extended filter life. Thanks to the Ultra-Web® nanofiber technology, the XLC200K can capture more contaminants without clogging or compromising airflow. In fact, the Powercore Ulta-Web filters can hold almost three times more than a standard air filter of the same surface area. As a result, you’ll enjoy longer intervals between filter replacements, saving you time, money, and resources.

Lower Fuel Consumption

The XLC200K’s unique design features a pleated honeycomb filter media that maximizes the filter’s surface area. This larger surface area allows for greater airflow and reduced fuel consumption. In fact, you’ll see a massive increase from 375cfm to 446cfm. After installing the XLC200K on your VDJ200 Landcruiser, you can expect to see a decrease in fuel costs, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for your fleet filtration needs.

Donaldson XLC200K Better Fuel Economy

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Its user-friendly design means the XLC200K is straightforward to install and maintain. The filter cartridge is easily serviced from the front housing and retained by easy metallic clips. Furthermore, the product’s robust construction means it can withstand the demanding Australian environment, providing consistent performance in brutal conditions. 

XLC200K Donaldson Powercore 4x4 Air Filter housing Perth Fits Toyota VDJ200 Landcruiser Brisbane Queensland

Beat the Talc Test

Talcum Powder is a very fine substitute to test the efficiency of an air filter. In fact, talc mimics the fine red dust particles you find in the Australian outback. When tested against the genuine OEM Toyota filter of 17801-51020, the Donaldson XLC200K beat all expectations. The genuine Toyota filters let 7g out of 800g pass in a test environment, giving it an efficiency rating of 99.13%. The XLC200K, however, blocked 100% of the talc from passing through, providing the best protection for your Toyota Landcruiser from harsh Australian bull dust. 

Donaldson XLC200K Talc Test Results. BBest air cleaner for harsh Australian Dust conditions


The Donaldson product XLC200K offers an array of benefits, making it an ideal choice for any Landcruiser 200 Series owner. There is absolutely no other solution on the market that will protect your engine from the harsh Australian outback. Order yours today, and don’t forget to grab a spare filter for those extra-long outback adventures. 


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