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About Us


Filters Plus first opened its doors in 1994, we started in the Agricultural field but as the business expanded so did our product lines and the accessibility of products from outside that field.
We currently supply to Mining, Marine, Industrial, Civil as well as Trucking and Automotive Industries. In 2003 we brought in Baldwin filters as our flagship brand and have been the largest distributor of Baldwin products in Australia for the past 10 years.

In 2009 we doubled our warehouse size and greatly expanded our product range. Having a dedicated warehouse for Air filters and another for ‘wet’ filters we have managed to streamline our stock ensuring our customers have the stock available when they need it. In 2011 we launched the Filters Plus interactive website which gave our customers unprecedented access to Baldwin filters products. We were the first to include vehicle look-up information in Australia and we are still the only business to have a full cross-reference database on their site.

Our Tagline “Any Filter, Any Machine” is not just a meaningless phrase but a promise to our customers that we will go above and beyond to find their filters.

We are constantly looking for better ways to service our customers and ensure their experience with Filters Plus is a positive encounter. We understand that getting the correct filter as quickly as possible is paramount to any industry. All our staff members have been highly trained in all things filtration, currently, 5 of our 6 sales staff have attended Baldwin University to increase their filtration knowledge.


We provide a full range of in-house and onsite services for our customers and some of these include;

  • Custom Kitting
  • Fleet Cataloging
  • Special Procurement
  • Special Inventory Holding
  • Technical Advice


Baldwin Filters

Filters Plus is Australia’s largest distributor of Baldwin Filters and we stock over 2,000 individual product lines and have access to 4000 more Baldwin Products. Baldwin Filters are majority manufactured in the USA and have the industries lowest failure rate, beating out Fleetguard and Donaldson. The Baldwin Filters range includes Automotive, Off-Highway, Marine, Trucking and Industrial applications


Wesfil is one of Australia’s largest automotive brands with a range of over 3,000 filters covering all major Australian Automotive brands. With their catalogue growing by more than 50 part numbers a year you can be assured of quality fitments and after-market support. Filters Plus stocks a full range of Wesfil filters to suit all common automotive applications.

HIFI Filters

Filters Plus is the Australian importer for the French filtration manufacturer HIFI. HIFI has well over 50,000 different filters available for almost every application known to man. Having access to these products means that we can supply almost Any Filter, for Any Machine.

Industrial Chemical Technologies

Filters Plus has been distributing ICT products for over 17 years, stocking the full range of West Australian made products. ICT’s innovative environmentally friendly products are designed to save you time and money and encompass everything from fuel treatment to de-greasers.

Donaldson Filters

Although not our core range we stock a variety of Donaldson filters which include, Air Filter Housings, Hydraulic Filters, Pre-Cleaners, Bulk Fuel Filtration and more. If you require a Donaldson filter that is not listed on our website, drop us an email and we will quote you our best price.

Fleetguard Filters

Fleetguard is one of the most recognisable filters brands in the world, covering everything from trucks to industrial applications. The range we stock of Fleetgaurd filters is not the biggest out there but most lines can be brought in within days notice.

Direction Plus

If you own a common rail 4×4, which is pretty much all turbo diesel cars from 2007 onward, you should really consider installing a Direction Plus kit. Direction Plus kits use the Fuel Manager high-efficiency fuel water separator filter to get rid of 99.8% of all incoming water from diesel. Water in diesel is the #1 cause of injector failure in common rail engines, you can read more about how damaging water in diesel is here. Direction Plus also do a range of vehicle specific Provent breather kits too, read about the Provent system here.

Mann & Hummel Provent

We have been selling the Mann & Hummel Provent crankcase ventilation system for over 10 years. This innovative product when installed on diesel engines will separate out almost 90% of all oil from the crankcase mist. This normally gets pumped back into the air intake system and causes a black sludge to build up over time, putting extra stress on your engine causing big efficiency losses. You can read more about the Provent here.

Fuel Manager

The Fuel Manager range of Fuel Water separators is an innovative product used on everything from 4×4’s to industrial applications. Formally known as Stanadyne, the fuel manager range has a filter and housing to suit everything from small stationary motors to 600+ horsepower big rig trucks. We stock the entire range of Fuel Manager housings and you can check them out here.


BMC Performance air filters are at the pinnacle of racing technology. Designed to give your engine more airflow and power, BMC Air filters are available to suit most automotive applications. Check out the range here.


Puretec is an industry leader in water filtration, providing effective and innovative products for home and industrial use. Their range includes Whole House Filters, UV Filtration, Carbon filters, Sediment filters and so much more. Check out the range here.


In all honesty, to list of every brand we have access to on this page would make it the longest page on the internet so here are a few more brands that we carry

Ryco Hydraulics, Stauff, Hydac, Filtrec, Crystal Clear, Mann, Micro Japan, Caterpillar, Delphi, Fleetguard, Wix, Fiaam & more!