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Our Staff

Meet the People Behind the Filters

Brendon Robinson

Brendon Robinson has owned Filters Plus for the past 12 years and was previously an employee for nine years. His knowledge of everything filtration is remarkable. However, please don’t ask him about any dad jokes!

Claire Dixon

Claire Dixon joined the business in 2014 as the second owner of Filter Plus. Claire has set the business structure and goals focusing on business growth. The saying goes, if you want to write a process, put your blue hat on.

Dean Quantock

Dean Quantock has been with Filters Plus since 2020 as a sales officer, but Dean’s can-do attitude has seen him promoted to sales team lead. Be careful, though; that smile can fool anyone with his jokes.

Russell Moffat

Russell Moffat has been with Filters Plus since 2014 as a sales officer but now runs the purchasing department. Russell’s infectious laugh only motivates his colleagues to kick on with the day.

Cameron Costigan

Cameron Costigan was with Filters Plus from 2009 to 2022. He was fundamental in growing our online business and marketing. Although no longer employed here, he still helps us out remotely through his business Beyond Corporate Marketing

Gregory Day

Gregory Day has been with Filters Plus since 2016 as our counter sales officer. Greg is first on the phone to answer your questions and give you the advice you need. Watch out, though; he is first to the cup of tea too.

Alan Smith

Alan Smith has been with Filters Plus since 2010 as a Delivery Driver. Alan or better known as Pom can be heard from a mile away when he arrives. Especially is Liverpool has won overnight.

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards has been with Filters Plus since 2011 as our delivery driver. Some people might not recognise Mark without his Carlton Football hat on, not that we always allow him in the office with it.

Michael Salter

Michael Salter has been with Filters Plus Since 2021 and helps get your orders to you in our warehouse. Mike’s skills help him strike gold, as in his spare time he’s looking for that while metal detecting.

Robert Williams

Robert Williams has been with Filters Plus since 2021 as a warehouse officer. Roberts warehouse experience creates a magical energy to keep the guys on track outback. However, his magic energy doesn’t help with the singing.