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We have a large range of Sump Plugs to suit most makes and models for Cars, Trucks and more. If you can’t find the sump plug you need, contact us!


Alpha Romeo

All models22mm-1.5TDP016
Audi5cyl 90/90 Quattro (’90-’91 20 valve), 100/100 Quattro (’92-’94),26mm-1.5TDP027
200 Quattro (’90-’91 20 valve)
Audi80/80 Quattro (’88-’92), 90/90 Quattro (’88-’91), 100/100 Quattro (’89-’91),14mm-1.5MSP1415
200/200 Quattro (’89-’91)
Audi80/80 Quattro (’88-’92), 90/90 Quattro (’88-’91), 100/100 Quattro (’89-’91),14mm-1.5MSP1415
200/200 Quattro(’89-’91)
Audi97 & on, A4/A4 Quattro (4 cyl.) & TT (1.8L Turbo)26mm-1.5TDP027
AudiS2 (’91-’96), S4 (’92-’94), S6 (’95-”97), Cabriolet (’94-’98),26mm-1.5TDP027
A4/A4 Quattro (4 cyl. up to ’96), A6/A6 Quattro (’95-’96)
AudiS4 V6TT (98-on), S6 (’01-on), A4/A4 Quattro (V6), A6/A6 Quattro (’97-on),14mm-1.5MSP1415
Allroad (’01 & on)
AudiV8 Quattro (’90-’94), A8/A8 Quattro (’97-on)24mm-1.5TDP038
AudiAll other models14mm-1.5MSP1415
BMWAll models up to 198022mm-1.5TDP016
BMWAll models from 1981 & on (oil pans with recessed plug require12mm-1.5MSP1215
Chevrolet1.5L, 1.8L, 1.9L, 2.2L Diesel, 6.6L Diesel & Sprint engines. ’98 & on Metro,14mm-1.5MSP1415
Tracker (Suzuki engine).
Chevrolet2.2L (petrol), 2.3L, 2.5L, 3.1L, 4.9L engines. 2.8L (’87-’93) & 4.3L (up to ’89)12mm-1.75MSP12175
Chevrolet4.3L engines (’90-’95) All other engines up to ’951/2-20 UNFTDP018
Chevrolet1996 & on, all except Metro & 6.6L diesel (’99-on 4.3L, 4.8L, 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L12mm-1.75MSP12175
Chrysler2.6L & 3.0L engines (July/’82 & on), all Mitsubishi engines.14mm-1.5MSP1415
’99-on (2.4L, 2.7L, 3.2L, 3.3L, 3.5L, 3.8L) engines,
’01-on PT Cruiser, ’05-on 5.7L, 6.1L
ChryslerAll other engines (including 4.9L)1/2-20 UNFTDP018
DaewooAll models14mm-1.5MSP1415
DaihatsuAll models12mm-1.25MSP12125
DaimlerMost Daimler use 5/8″-18 UNF. Contact Us5/8″-18 UNFContact Us
Ferrari208 GT4 Dino 1975, 208 Turbo 1989, 246,22mm-1.5TDP016
308 GT4 1976, 308 GTB/GTS 1980, 308 Quattrovalvole 1985, 328 1985, 348,
360 (3586) 1999-2005,
512, 512 BB, 550 Maranello (5474) 1996-2001,
612 Scaglietti (5748) 2004-on,
California (4297) 2009-on
F355, F40, F430 2004-2009, F50, F512TR,
Mondial 3.0 QV 1984, Mondial 3.2 QV 1987, Mondial 8, Mondial T,
Most models
Ferrari456M GT/A 2+2 1992-2003, 575M Maranello 2002-200630mm-1.5CONTACT US
FiatMost models22mm-1.5TDP016
FordFalcon AU/BA/BF/EF/EL/FG 4.0L 6cyl, AU 5.6L V8, BF 5.4L V8,12mm-1.75MSP12175
Edge Titanium (V6 and 4cyl)
FordFalcon EA/EB/ED/EF 4.0L 6cyl12mm-1.5MSP1215
FordFalcon BA 5.4L V8,14mm-1.5MSP1415
Ranger 3.2L diesel,
Capri ’89-’94, Cortina 2.0L, Courier, Econovan, Escape, Escort 2.0L,
Explorer, Festiva, Fiesta, Laser, Meteor, Mondeo, Probe, Telstar, Transit Van
FordFalcon AU/EB/ED/EF/EL/FG/XA/XB/XH 5.0L V8, FG 5.4L V8,1/2″-20UNFTDP018
Falcon XA/XB/XC/XD/XE/XF/XM 3.3L 6cyl, XA/XB/XF 4.1L 6cyl, XA/XB 5.8L V8,
Falcon XG/XH 4.0L 6cyl, XK/XL/XM/XP/XR/XT/XW/XY 2.4L 6cyl, XK 2.8L 6cyl
Cortina (except 2.0L) Escort (except 2.0L),
FordEverest 3.2L14mm-1.5MSP1415
Ford7.3L diesel engine(’95-on). 6.0L diesel engine (’03-on)14mm-1.25MSP14125
HoldenAstra (’01-’04), Barina, Calibra, Camira, Frontera, Gemini,14mm-1.5MSP1415
Jackaroo, Rodeo, Shuttle, Vectra
HoldenApollo, Astra (’87-’89), Nova12mm-1.25MSP12125
HoldenKingswood HK-HZ,WB, Statesman (’71-’85), Torana (’68-’78)1/2″-20 UNFTDP018
HoldenCommodore VB, VC, VH, VK (11/78-02/88)1/2″-20 UNFTDP018
HoldenCommodore VL 3L 6cyl (03/86-07/88)16mm-1.5MSP1615
HoldenCommodore VL V8 (03/86-07/88)1/2″-20 UNFTDP018
HoldenCommodore VN, VP, VQ, VR (03/89-04/95), VS (with 12mm plug)12mm-1.75MSP12175
HoldenCommodore VS (with 25mm plug)25mm-1.5CONTACT US
HoldenCommodore VT V6 (with 14mm plug), VT V814mm-1.5MSP1415
HoldenCommodore VT V6 (with 24mm plug), VX, VX2, VY, Statesman WK, WH (3.8L V6)24mm-1.5TDP038
HoldenCommodore VX V8, VY V8, VE 6.0L V8, VE/VF 3.6L V612mm-1.75MSP12175
HondaAll models up to 198320mm-1.5MSP2015
Honda98-on, Accord (4cyl), Prelude, S200014mm-1.5MSP1415
HondaAll other models from ’84 on14mm-1.5MSP1415
HyundaiAll models14mm-1.5MSP1415
InfinityAll models12mm-1.25MSP12125
Isuzu2×4 Pup engines & 4BD1 truck engines20mm-1.5MSP2015
Isuzu’89-’91 Trooper II12mm-1.75MSP12175
IsuzuAll other engines14mm-1.5MSP1415
JaguarDaimler V8 4.014mm-1.5MSP1415
S-Type 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 4.3, 2.7
XF 3.0 (AJ-V6 2967 petrol) 2009-
XF 4.2 (AJ-V8 4196 petrol) 2009-
XF / XFR 5.0 (AJ-V8 5000 petrol) 2009-
XJ6 (X350) 2.7, 3.0
XJ8 (X308/X358/X351) 2.7, 3.0, 3.2, 3.5, 4.0, 5.0
XK8 4.0, 4.2, 5.0
X-Type 2.1, 2.5, 3.0, 2.0, 2.2
Jeep2.1L Diesel (’85-’87), 2.5L (up to ’91), 4.0L (up to ’91),14mm-1.25MSP14125
4.2L (up to ’91) engines
JeepV8 4.7L (’99-on), V6 3.6L, 3.7L, 3.8L, 2.0L, 2.4L (’07-on), V8 5.7, 6.1L (’06-on)14mm-1.5MSP1415
Jeep 14mm-1.5MSP1415
JeepAll other engines (including ’92-on 2.5L and 4.0L)1/2-20 UNFTDP018
KiaAll models. 14mm-1.5MSP1415
Land Rover90 & 110 2.3 (2250 L14 petrol) 1983-198512mm-1.5MSP1215
Defender 2.8 (2800 BMW V6 petrol) 1987-2006
Land Rover 14mm-1.5MSP1415
Discovery 1 2.5 300Tdi (2495 L14 diesel) 1994-1998
Discovery 3 4.0 V6, 4.4 V8, 2.7 TDV6
Discovery 4 4.4 V8, 5.0 V8, 2.7/3.0/4.0 TDV6
Freelander 1 1.8i, 2.5, 2.0
LexusAll models12mm-1.25MSP12125
MazdaMost models14mm-1.5MSP1415
MazdaCX-9 with 3.7L Ford Duratec engine (TB)12mm-1.75MSP12175
Mercedes190E (2.6 & 2.3 – 16), 190E (2.3 ’85-’93), 190D (2.5), 190D (2.2 ’85-’89)14mm-1.5MSP1415
Mercedes300TD (up to ’85), 300CD, 240D, 280E, 280CE, 280SE,12mm-1.5MSP1215
190D (2.2 up to ’84), 190E (2.3 up to ’84)
Mercedes350 SDL, 300TE, 300SDL, 300SE, 300SEL, 300D (’87), 300TD (’87),14mm-1.5MSP1415
300CE, 300E, C280, 260E
Mercedes560SEL, 560SEC, 500SEL, 500SEC, 450SEL, 420SEL, 400E, 380SE,12mm-1.5MSP1215
300SD, 300D (up to ’85)
Mercedes560SL, 450SL, 450SLC, 380SL, 380SLC26mm-1.5TDP027
MercedesAll other models from ’86 on (incl. Sprinter Van)14mm-1.5MSP1415
MGTF 115, 120, 135, 160, 105, 12014mm-1.5MSP1415
MiniR50/R53 Mk1 Cooper/S/One, R52 Cooper/S/One14mm-1.5MSP1415
MiniR52 Mk1 Convertible One (1397 petrol) 2007-201016mm-1.5MSP1615
R55 (except Diesel), R56 (except Diesel), R57, R58, R59 (except Diesel),
R60 (except Countryman Cooper D/SD (1995 BMW diesel) 2011-),
R61 (except Diesel)
MiniDiesel R56/R59/R60/R61 with BMW diesel12mm-1.5MSP1215
MiniDiesel R50/R53 Mk1 One D (1364 Toyota diesel) 2003-200612mm-1.25MSP12125
MiniClassic (A-Series petrol) 1959-20005/8″-11 UNCContact Us
MitsubishiAll models14mm-1.5MSP1415
NissanModels from 1990 & on12mm-1.25MSP12125
NissanPatrol Y60 (GQ) 2.8 diesel RD28T, 3.0L petrol RB30,12mm-1.25MSP12125
4.2L petrol TB42S/E
4.2L diesel TD42
NissanPatrol Y61 (GU) 2.8 diesel RD28E, 3.0L diesel ZD30DD,12mm-1.25MSP12125
4.2L diesel TD42/T
4.5L petrol TB45E,
4.8L petrol TB48DE
NissanPatrol Y62 5.6L V8 VK56D12mm-1.25MSP12125
NissanSentra(’83 & on), Pulsar(’83 & on), 200SX(’84 & on), Gas trucks, 300ZX, Maxima(’85& on)12mm-1.25MSP12125
NissanStanza Wagon(’86 & on)12mm-1.25MSP12125
Peugeot505 Gas Turbo20mm-1.5MSP2015
PeugeotAll other models16mm-1.5MSP1615
Porsche911(All), 928(up to ’81), 930(up to ’77)22mm-1.5TDP016
Porsche912E, 91412mm-1.5MSP1215
Porsche928(’82 & on), 930(’78 & on), 944(All)20mm-1.5MSP2015
Renault 16mm-1.5MSP1615
SaabSaab 9000 (2.0, 2.3)14mm-1.5MSP1415
Saab 9-3 (2.0, 2.3, 2.2TiD, 2.8)
Saab 9-5 (2.0, 2.3, 2.2 TiD, 2.8, 3.0TiD, 2.8T)
Saab 99 (2.0)
SaabSaab 9000 (3.0 V6)12mm-1.75MSP12175
Saab 9-5 (3.0 V6)
Saab 12mm-1.75MSP12175
Saab 9-3 (1.8T, 1.8i) 
Saab 9-3 (2.0 2002-2012) 
Saab 9-5 (2.0T) 
SubaruSubarus with FA20 petrol16mm-1.5MSP1615
BR-Z 2.0L petrol 2012-on (FA20 engine)
Forester 2.0L petrol 2014-on (FA20 engine)
Forester with FB25 engine
Impreza WRX 2.0L petrol 2015-on (FA20 engine)
Levorg 2.0L (FA20 engine)
Liberty with FB25 engine
XV 2.0L petrol 2012–on (FB20A engine)
SubaruSubaru All Vehicles with the EJXX (EJ20, EJ25) engines20mm-1.5MSP2015
Subarus with EE20 diesel engines
Forester SF SG 2.0L, 2.5L petrol (1997-2002)
Forester SH 2.0L 2.5L petrol (2008-2013)
Forester SJ 2013-on 2.0L diesel (EE20)
Impreza (incl. WRX and STi) with EJXX engines
Impreza 2.0L diesel (EE20 engine)
Outback, Liberty with EZ30D engine
Outback, Liberty & Tribeca with EZ30R and EZ36D engine
SVX – EG33 engine
Most other models (especially pre-2009)
SuzukiAll models14mm-1.5MSP1415
Toyota85 & on Tercel, Celica, MR2, Gas Corolla, Gas trucks12mm-1.25MSP12125
ToyotaLand Cruiser (up to ’81)25mm-1.5CONTACT US
ToyotaLand Cruiser (’87 August & on)12mm-1.25MSP12125
ToyotaAll models from 1988 on, including12mm-1.25MSP12125
Hilux, Prado, Aurion, Camry.
Volvo6 cylinder engines(’76 – ’82)16mm-1.5MSP1615
VW 26mm-1.5TDP027
Passat I 1983-1996
Passat 98-’99 1.8L Turbo 
Karmann Ghia 1300, 1500, 1600
VWMost other water cooled engines ’99 & on. 14mm-1.5MSP1415
This includes: 
Beetle 2003-on 
Bora 2000-on 
Caddy 1982-on 
California Motor Home 2007-on 
Caravelle 1985-on 
Corrado 1988-on 
Crafter 2008-on 
Derby 1981-on 
Eos 2009-on 
Golf 1975-on 
Jetta 1978-on 
Lupo 1998-on 
Multivan 2000 
Passat 2009-on 
Polo 1996-on 
Transporter 1985-on 


Find your sump plug via the thread size and by images.


M12 x 1.25

M12 x 1.5

M12 x 1.75

M14 x 1.5

M16 x 1.5

M18 x 1.5

M20 x 1.5

M22 x 1.5

M24 x 1.5

M26 x 1.5


BSPP (British Standard Parallel Pipe)


If you can find your vehicle or machine listed below, please contact us

MakeModelThread (A)Part no.
Caterpillar3204, 3304, 3306, 3406, 3406B, 3406C, 3406E, 3408, 3412, 3456, 3176, 31261 1/8″-12 UNFContact Us
CaterpillarC-10, C-11, C-12 ,C-13, C-15 
C-16, C-18
1 1/8″-12 UNFContact Us
CaterpillarAbove listed engines with optional tapered NPT 1-12 plug (1 1/4″ diameter)NPT 1″-12Contact Us
CaterpillarC-6, C-6.6, C-7, C-9 engines3/4″-16 UNFTDP019
Caterpillar1100, 1140, 1145, 3054, 3056, 1150, 3100, 3208, 3126B, 3126
3116 (with 28L oil pan), 3126E (with 28L oil pan)
3/4″-16 UNFTDP019
Caterpillar3116 (with 21L oil pan), 3126E (with 21L oil pan)18mm-1.5TDP025
Caterpillar3508, 3512 (also require Adapter A-3500)1 1/8″-12 UNFContact Us
CumminsB-Series 3.3L, 4.5L, 6.7L (except for Dodge Ram pickup), QSB (Side)22mm-1.5TDP016
CumminsB-Series 3.3L, 3.9L & 5.9L, C-Series (8.3L), ISB, ISC, ISL engines18mm-1.5TDP025
CumminsSignature Series, ISX, QSX15, QST30, QSK4527mm-2.0Contact Us
CumminsDodge Ram Pick Up 6.7L18mm-1.5TDP025
CumminsK19, QSK19, KT1150, KTA191 1/16″-12 UNFContact Us
CumminsOther engines (incl. KT38, KTA50, L-10, M-11, N-14, NTA855, QSM, ISM & ISN)1″-18 UNFContact Us
Detroit Diesel60 Series, 50 Series, 352, 353, 453, 652, 853 enginesNPT 3/4″-14TDP019
Detroit Diesel40 Series25mm-1.5Contact Us
Detroit Diesel30 Series14mm-1.25TDP020
Detroit Diesel2000 (V8 & V12), 4000 Series27mm-2.0Contact Us
Detroit DieselDD-13, DD-15, DD-16 27mm-2.0Contact Us
Detroit DieselOther large enginesNPT 3/4″-14TDP019
Detroit DieselSeries 53, 71, 92, 6V92, 6V71, 8V92, 8V71, 471T, all other small enginesNPT 1/2″-14Contact Us
DeutzUp to 130 hp, F5L912, F6L912, F3L91222mm-1.5TDP016
DeutzF3L913, BF3L913, F4L913, BF4L913, F6L913, BF6L913, F8L41330mm-1.5Contact Us
Deutz1011 Group (F3L1011F, BF3L1011F, F4L1011F, BF4L1011F)18mm-1.5TDP025
DeutzW1450, W114016mm-1.5TDP024
Ford6.9L Diesel & 7.3L Diesel (up to ’94)1/2″-20 UNFTDP018
Ford7.3L Diesel (’95 & on), 6.4L Diesel (’08 – on), 6.0L Diesel (’03 – on),
 Powerstroke engines
FordAll Other Diesel engines3/4″-16 UNFTDP019
HinoH06C, H07C, W04C, EC100, W06E22mm-1.5TDP016
HinoF21C, F20C, F17D, J05C, J08C, J08E, S05D, W04D, H07C, EH700, K13C18mm-1.5TDP025
HinoDS50, EP100, EL100, EM100, E13C30mm-1.5Contact Us
InternationalV304, V345, V392, MV404, V420(6.9L), MV446, DT360 (up to ’93)1/2″-20 UNFTDP018
InternationalT444E, VT36514mm-1.25TDP020
InternationalV461, DT461, DV462, DT466 (up to ’93), V478, V537, V549, DV550,
 DV551(9.0L), D150, D170, D190
7/8″-18 UNFContact Us
InternationalDT466 (’05 & on), Maxxforce 7, DT, 9, 10 engines18mm-1.5TDP025
InternationalMaxxforce 11 & 13 engines27mm-2.0Contact Us
InternationalDT360 (’94 & on), DT466 (’94-’04), DT408, DT530, DT570, HT57025mm-1.5Contact Us
Isuzu3LB1, 4BD1, 4BD2, 4BC2, 4BC1, 4HE1, 4HK1, 4JG1, 4JG2, 4BA1, 6BB1, 6BD1, 6BG1, 2KL120mm-1.5TDP026
Isuzu6BF1, 6HE1, 6HF1, 6HK1, 6WA1, 6WG1, G161, C240, 4LE1, 3KR1, 3KC120mm-1.5TDP026
Isuzu4BE1, 4BG2, 4JA1, 4JB1, 4ZC1, C223, C20014mm-1.5TDP032
Isuzu4JJIX, 6SA1, 6RA1, 6QA1, 6RB1, 6SD1, 6BF1, 6QA2, 8PA1, 8PB1, 8PC124mm-2.0Contact Us
Isuzu10PA1, 10PB2, 10PC1, 10PE1, 12PB1,12PC1, E120, DA220, DA640, DH100H24mm-2.0Contact Us
MackMidliner engines12mm-1.5TDP011
MackMP-7, MP-8, MP-10 (bottom drain) engines24mm-1.5TDP038
MackMP-10 (side drain)27mm-2.0Contact Us
MackE-7 Series, EM-7 Series, ASET engines20mm-1.5TDP026
MackAll other engines7/8″-14 UNFContact Us

06-on, OM460, MBE900, MBE906, MBE4000,

MercedesOM 904, OM 50220mm-1.5TDP026
MercedesMBE4000 (up to ’05) 26mm-1.5TDP027
MercedesAll other truck engines26mm-1.5TDP027
Mitsubishi FusoHeavy/medium duty trucks18mm-1.5TDP025
Mitsubishi FusoLight duty trucks14mm-1.5TDP032
Paccar2012-on MX engine (bottom drain), MX-13 (bottom drain)26mm-1.5TDP027
Paccar2012-on MX engine (side drain) except MX-13 (with side drain)20mm-1.5TDP026
PaccarAny year MX-13 (with side drain)22mm-1.5TDP016
PaccarPX-6, PX-7, PX-8, PX-918mm-1.5TDP025
ScaniaP112M, P112H, T112M, R112M24mm-2.0Contact Us
UD-NissanNE6T, FE6T24mm-2.0Contact Us
Volvo PentaTD60A, TD70E, TD70F, TD100, TD101, TD120, TD1217/8″-14 UNFContact Us
Volvo Truck1983 engines, VED12D, D-11, D-12, D-13, most late model engines24mm-1.5TDP038
Volvo TruckD-16 engine27mm-2.0Contact Us
Volvo TruckTD Models, F6, F7, F86, N10/12 & all other engines7/8″-14 UNFContact Us


Fill out the order and we will help you ID the correct Sump plug for your applicaiton.