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Fleet Cataloging

We understand that time is a major cost to every business, whether that be in machine downtime or your employees time searching for parts. That’s why we have a Fleet Cataloging service

What is a Fleet Cataloging service I hear you ask?

Well, to save you time and money we can come to your premises can create a custom worksheet that will catalogue your entire fleet and the filters that each machine uses.

No more climbing over your equipment searching for part numbers each time you need to conduct a service.

No more wasting precious time calling around OEM dealers to get part number and best of all we can list off of your equipment via fleet number and can even link the Fleet Cataloging service with our Custom Kitting Service!

Imagine just ringing or emailing your order through with simple part numbers like WC42-250 (That’s water cart 42, 250-hour service kit) and it being ready the same or next day.

Don’t think for a second that its just filters either! Thanks to our global supply chain we can pretty much source and put any parts you like in your kits too

So if you would like to discuss Fleet Cataloging or Custom Kitting contact us today!