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Custom Kitting

Do you have a lot of equipment but hate trying to catalog which filter suits what?

With our custom kitting service we can streamline your vehicle services by having all the filters in 1 box with your very own part number saving you time and money.

Benefits of kitting?

Kitting has various benefits, the overall effect is to reduce the time taken ordering parts from various suppliers, coordinating the supply of said parts, as well as reducing the load on your accounts department. Kitting can help reduce handling times by having all filters together in one box and machine downtime due to parts availability.

Whether you have a fleet of 4wd’s, lighting towers or trucks we can help. Our stocked range covers almost all vehicles and machines in the Australian market but even if you filters are uncommon we can source them and stock them for future orders.

Do you want to Resell kits?

We don just make filter kits for the end user we can also make them for resellers. We can supply filter kits in plain boxes or even custom printed boxes with your logo, part numbers & bar-coding.

Contact us today to see just how easy it can be