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Filters Plus OEM Warranty Guarantee

We pride ourselves on offering on the best in filtration products; as such we can offer an OEM Warranty Guarantee for all our filter products.

FP warranty seal

This means that an OEM manufacturer cannot void your warranty simply because you use a filter from us.

Important: You must use the correct OEM part number in our cross reference that suits your vehicle to get a valid part number to buy from filters plus. You cannot simply cross reference from a filter already on the vehicle or rely solely on filters plus vehicle lookup to ensure the correct filter. It is your responsibility to get the correct OEM part number from your OEM manufacturer to use as a cross reference on our site.

If something does go wrong please take you vehicle back to your OEM repairer for repairs.

Once the OEM repairer has ascertained what caused the fault or damage they will inform you.

If the filter is being “blamed” then we need to be informed within 48hrs or as soon as possible as we will require the filter back so it can be sent to our laboratory for testing.

An example of Baldwin Filters warranty claim form that you would be sent and required to fill out can be found here

It is your responsibility to get the filter back and have it sent to us. Failure to provide the filter will result in your warranty from filters plus & the filter manufacturer being voided as both parties require proof that the filter was faulty.

Once we have got the results from our laboratory and if the filter is found to be faulty then the manufacturer of the filter will cover all repairs that are deemed to be related to the filter failure.

Failure to adhere to any / or all of these terms and our websites Terms and conditions will void your filter manufacturer’s warranty & Filters Plus OEM warranties. We do not control OEM warranties and have no control over these.

An ACCC document pertaining to these laws can be found here

Please contact us at if you require assistance or have any questions.

Thank you