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The Puretec TW Series Filter Kit provides clear, great tasting water removing chlorine, harmful chemicals, taste, odour and sediment from your drinking water.

Kit Includes: twin filter housing, 5 Micron sediment filter MB051, 0.5 Micron taste and odour filter EC951, wrench, faucet kit, bracket, plumbing kit and pressure limiting valve.

This Filters Plus only kit also includes an optional 5 Micron Fluoride removal pre-filter. If you are concerned with the negative health effects of Fluoride in drinking water this filter will remove up to 90% of all incoming Fluoride. If you choose to use this filter you need to replace the MB051 in the system for the FL051 filter element.

Why should I use water filters?

Drinking water is important to a healthy body, but knowing that your source of water is clean and free from harsh chemicals and toxins is not that easy. Even municipal provided water in our own homes can contain dangerous levels of chlorine and fluoride, and thus opting to use a water filter can help improve the quality and the taste of the water you drink. Water filters not only remove excess chemicals, but can also neutralize disease causing germs and viruses as well.


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