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Puretec ESR2-T6

The Puretec ESR2-T6 systems incorporates Puretec Radfire’s ultraviolet technology and Tripla’s triple action tap all in one system.  This system is designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria in untreated water supplies.  The Tripla mixer tap gives you hot, cold, filtered/or rainwater water, all from just one mixer. There’s absolutely no mixing of filtered and unfiltered water.

  • Platinum Performance Product
  • Rain & Mains Water Supply
  • 6 Year Warranty

ESR2-T6 Features

  • 3 in 1 tap design – No mixing of filtered or unfiltered water
  • Hot, cold, filtered/or rainwater water all from just one mixer
  • Filter change reminder light – LED changes from blue to red
  • Turns your rainwater into pure, safe, delicious and healthy drinking water anytime!
  • Specifically designed to kill harmful microorganisms in untreated water supplies
  • Uses Puretec Radfire™ ultraviolet technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria – eco-friendly and does not use chemicals
  • Removes sediment, dirt, rust, bad taste and odour. Silver impregnated to prevent bacterial growth
  • Tripla Faucet WELS 4 Star Rated: 7.5 litres/minute

ESR2-T6 Specifications

Replacement parts and cartridges:
Sediment removal PL051
Taste & odour removal MC011-S
Lamp 1 x Puretec RL2
Maximum temperature 52°C
Max pressure 500 kPa
Required hole for the tap 33 mm diameter
Warranty 6 years^

Important Note Use only genuine Puretec replacement cartridge.

^Warranty is 6 years parts, 1 year parts and labour, excludes cartridge.

How to reset the LED reminder light on ESR2-T6 Tap


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