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Fuel Manager FM1 Series Post-Filter Fuel water separator for small engines

Note: This item is now obsolete

Contains: 5 Micron 91.4mm Long Fuel Filter, Filter Housing, Bowl

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Suits: Small Industrial engines, Stationary Engines, Any Diesel application up to 55hp or 95LPH

Water in Diesel is the #1 cause of injector failure on diesel engines, especially common rail engines. If water is allowed to reach the injectors it can cause rust to form on the internal components and this rust can dislodge, plugging up the injector.

In most modern common rail engines, the OEM filter is below 5 microns and will stop most of the harmful particles in your fuel but they are not very efficient at getting rid of water. This is where the Fuel manager range of filtration products can help

With water separation rates over 99% the fuel manager series can be mounted before your OEM filter with a 30-micron element or even after your OEM filter providing effective filtration down to 5 microns.

We stock the entire range of Fuel Manager housing to suit everything from stationary engines to Prime Movers.

41467 Specifications

Inlet / Outlet: 8mm Hose Tails
Max Flow Rate: 95 Litres Per Hour
Max Horse Power: 55HP
Max Operation Pressure: 20 PSI
Water Separation: Above 99%
Element Length: 91.4mm
Dimension A: 193mm
Dimension B: 178.2mm

FM1 Specs


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