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Special Procurement

Here at Filters Plus WA, we get that not everything is simple and sometimes getting the right part can be a nightmare, especially if your machine is a rare import that even the distributor doesn’t bring parts in for! That’s why we have a Special Procurement Service

So how can our Special Procurement Service help?

Well through our global supply chain and manufacturing network we can not only find very difficult to locate parts but we can even have filters or parts manufactured to your specifications.

We import from all over the world regularly via Slow Air, Express Air and Good old sea freight, so locating your filter and getting it in quickly is our main focus.

To give you an example of the weird and wonderful things we can achieve, just check out this doozy that we got in for one of our clients.

Our client had an old Komatsu digger that needed a new hydraulic strainer that not even genuine could supply. We sized up his old damaged one and went to town trying to find an equivalent. There wasn’t one, but we did find one that was very close (Pictured Above) the only problem was that the connection ID was too small. So rather than admitting defeat, we offered a solution to our client that would allow him to use the filter and has a billet aluminium adapter made up.

Our client was thrilled, he gave us the order and in 3 weeks we had the adapter made and the filter landed from Europe. Our client said he had wasted at least 12 hours over a week trying to find a replacement and couldn’t be happier.

We have hundreds of examples just like this one where our clients get the solutions they need to keep their machines running.

So next time your having trouble, contact us first because 9 times out of 10 we can help.