Washed Filters

The Facts

Washing air filters is a common practice in Australia and around the world but there are some myths surrounding it which we would like to dispel.

washed filter-2013

  1. I get more use out of my filter when I wash it – This is true you will get to use the filter for a longer period of time but with every wash you lose around 20% – 60% efficiency and holding capacity so the filter will block up quicker.
  2. I’m covered by the filters warranty – You are covered by the filter manufacturer warranty for any damage that a faulty filter may cause, unless you wash it. Once a Filter has been washed you are no longer covered under any filter manufacturer’s warranty terms. This will also void any OEM warranty that is applicable at the time.
  3. But filters are designed to be washed – Yes & no, In recent years some filter manufacturers have taken washing into account during their design phase and are using more durable paper that can withstand washing but it still voids their warranty terms and they don’t apply it to all filters so as a rule of thumb it is best not to risk it.
  4. Are there any filters I can wash? – Yes, Some performance filters use a medical gauze as a filter media which is deigned to be washed and used as a life time filter but these are race style filters that allow more air flow and hence more dust & dirt into your engine. Always use an OEM or OEM aftermarket filter to ensure no damage occurs to your engine
  5. But I’m saving money when I wash filters – In the short term possibly but all it takes is a small cut or hole in the media at some point in the washing process and your going to have to pay for a new engine. Just ask yourself one question. Pay for a filter costing $20-100 or pay for an engine $5000 – $20,000.

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