BF46002 Dual Layered Filter for QSK MCRS Engines beats OEM

Stricter emission regulations have forced engine manufacturers to design cleaner, more efficient engines. These new engine systems require higher fuel pressures (up to 60,000 psi) and tighter tolerances. Microscopic particles in the fuel (as small as 2 to 3 microns) under high pressure, can cause abrasive wear, severely damaging fuel injection system components. With so much at risk, today’s equipment manufacturers require fuel entering the fuel injection system to be clean and free of contaminants, meeting strict ISO 4406 fuel cleanliness level of 12/9/6.

Baldwin Filters’ new BF46002, with highly engineered multi-layer media, helps prevent premature injector wear and costly downtime by keeping fuel pristine and high-precision fuel systems operating at maximum efficiency.

Cleaner Fuel Means Longer Engine Life

The Baldwin BF46002 fuel filter, with highly engineered multi-layer media, succeeds in removing the smallest contaminants to ensure clean fuel flowing to sensitive fuel system components.

  • Duel stage filtration design catches and hold damaging contamination, even under high vibration
  • Surpasses the OEM filter by over 25% in contaminant holding capacity
  • Suppresses the OEM filter in removing harmful contaminant in the critical 2 to 5 micron range

The Next Generation of Highly Engineered Multi-Layered Media

As part of CLARCOR, one of the world’s largest filter manufacturing companies, Baldwin’s research, development and production capabilities are unsurpassed in the industry. The BF46002 is the first fuel filter to take advantage of a new media technology developed at CLARCOR’s Innovation Centre. The BF46002, with highly engineered multi-layer media, is designed to trap and hold more contaminants to protect high-pressure fuel systems.

BF46002 Media

Duel Stage Filtration Provides Extra Protection

The outside to inside dual-stage element design of the BF46002 provides extra protection and ensures filtration efficiency is maintained under harsh vibration conditions. Fuel is filtered twice to ensure the fuel entering the injection system is pristinely clean.

BF46002 Dual Stage

BF46002 Outperforms the OEM

Side-by-side comparisons prove the BF46002 outperforms the OE by over 25% in contaminant holding capacity, resulting in longer service life and less downtime. Industry standard tests show the Baldwin BF46002 is built to perform with greater efficiency than the OE in removing critical contaminants under 5 microns. And it doesn’t stop there, Baldwin Filters has taken testing of the BF46002 beyond industry standard. Proprietary test methods, using real-world fuel, show the OE filter plugged faster than the BF46002. The BF46002 filtered more gallons of fuel than the OE when taken to the same terminal pressure drop and did a better job of catching and holding particles greater than 4 microns.

BF46002 Holding Capacity

Tougher ISO Requirements for Diesel Fuel

Due to tight tolerances between moving components of a fuel injection system, microscopic particles can cause severe damage to injectors and other fuel system components. More and more High Pressure Common Rail fuel system and Tier 4 engine manufacturers require diesel fuels meet ISO 4406 12/9/6 cleanliness level before it reaches the pressurized fuel system.

BF46002 ISO

BF46002 Cross References

Cummins 2881458, Donaldson DBF5782, Fleetguard FF5782, HIFI SN40698, Luber-Finer LFF5644, Mann & Hummel WK12010, SF-Filter SK3056/2, Wix WF10144

BF46002 Application Guide

Euclid, Hitachi, John Deere, Kawasaki, Komatsu, Terex Heavy-Duty Off-Road Equipment all with Cummins QSK MCRS Engines (19L, 38L, 50L, 60L)

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2881458, DBF5782, FF5782, SN40698, LFF5644, WK12010, SK3056/2, SK30562, WF10144, BF46002

Baldwin High Efficiency Fuel Filter Suits: Cummins, Euclid, Cummins Marine, Hitachi, John Deere, Kawasaki, Komatsu, Terrex, QSK MCRS

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